Best Quotes Pictures

Quotes in pictures are quite popular these days. Along with memes and random the funny or inspiring pictures shared on social media, these quote pictures elicit various reactions. The witty and “elucidating” ones surely leave viewers with some grin of affirmation while the funny and inspiring ones never fail to brighten someone’s day. Take a look at some of the best quotes pictures shared online in the list below:

Quote on Being Poor

Couldn’t be any apt. This one goes out to those who always blame others for their plight. Surely enlightening, this quote is just like sailing across seas. You’ll go somewhere if you try learning how – if you strive to gain the knowledge and skills of voyaging. You have to learn to accept that waves are a reality. You just need to learn how to ride on them and to use the winds to help push you to your destination. 

Happiness Quote

Happiness is indeed something you experience and not just a dream that seems always difficult to achieve. You can make it happen as you go on with life. You don’t have to wait for it to happen. Just like taking a long trip, you will encounter nice views and spectacular sceneries along the way. You have to enjoy the trip instead of grumpily getting stuck on your sweat anxiously waiting till you reach your destination. It’s how you live life that matters, not what you want to achieve in life.

Quote About Future

Of course, all your actions have consequences. What becomes of your tomorrow is a result of what you do with your today. If you keep bracing yourself, not doing anything worthwhile to prepare for what’s to come, you can’t expect a tomorrow that’s better than one shrouded by darkness and total uncertainty.

Dream of Success Quote

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming as long as you know how to act on that dream to make it a reality. It’s like carving your wooden sculpture. You need to visualize the figure you want to carve but you also have to put your hands to work to slowly but surely materialize that piece of art you intend to create. It’s not just about imagining or visualizing things. There’s always real work involved.

Abraham Lincoln Quote

How brilliant! Defeating your opponent does not always mean giving them a crushing defeat with your physical force, clout, or intellectual prowess. The moment you make them take your side and agree with your thoughts, you have effectively eliminated an enemy and gained an ally who can help assure that that old enemy does not come back again.

Robert Frost Quote on Life

When you see that old man in the picture (for whom the quote is attributed), you’ll realize that life indeed goes on. For some, life goes on very well that they end up becoming great people quoted for their wisdom and the insightful statements they impart.

Albert Einstein Quote

Physicists are noted for their tenacity. They keep doing experiments to properly understand the way things work in the universe. They conduct myriad experiments and studies that simulate varying conditions and take into account different configurations. This is something even ordinary people must learn. Changing perspectives and mindsets can be very helpful in trying to address problems that don’t seem to have solutions.

Greatest Pleasure Quote

Proving wrong those people who doubted your capabilities is something almost everyone would consider as a reason for a celebration. When everyone seems to be putting you down, you have to turn the negative into a motivation to strive harder. Your goal is not to convince them to believe in you. Rather, you are simply trying to improve yourself. Winning other people’s admiration is just a bonus.

John Shedd Quote on Ships

This certainly applies to people. People are given various faculties to be used and maximized. People are granted emotions to love and be loved—so don’t be afraid to love. People are given bigger brains to learn and think—so never waste the chance to enrich your mental capabilities and use your intellectual gift to achieve something. People are given limbs to go places. People are granted the ability to adapt to withstand uncertainties. It’s never a wise option to just stay somewhere safe for the fear of losing or getting rejected.